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Ashley E. Norton is the headliner for Americana all female assigned local band, Lady Psychiatrist’s Booth, internationally touring duo, Whitherward, and solo artist. Beginning her long career in the Arizona music scene with her folk-rock band Delcoa, Ashley moved to Nashville in 2010 to pursue her love for Country music. There she hosted many successful songwriter nights, wrote hundreds of songs and worked with some of Nashville’s finest musicians and producers, including Johnny Garcia, lead guitar player for Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. Tired of working within the confines of the music industry, she left for a turn in the world of Americana and became a huge champion for independent music. Since 2014, she’s been touring the world non-stop, independently booking four successful European tours, multiple large notable music festivals and countless cross country tours. She has received endorsements with large companies such as Subaru Europe, Martin Guitars, Avian Guitars and most recently, Electro-Voice. Ashley has over a dozen studio releases, multiple official music videos, and moonlights as a co-host of the podcast, Crimes Against Folk. Her most recent release, Lady Psychiatrist’s Booth, features violinist Stephanie Groot from Whitherward and Laura Hall, music director of “Whose Line Is It Anyway.” Ashley’s live show consists of songs from all her albums plus unique versions of covers you know and love!


Lady Psychiatrist’s Booth is San Diego’s high energy all female Americana band crossing four generations of incredible musicianship, branching from the joint efforts of singer-songwriter/guitarist Ashley E. Norton and violinist/mandolinist/singer Stephanie Groot. After 5 years on non-stop tours with their band Whitherward, the duo has paired off for multiple dates throughout the SouthWest alongside their first studio project featuring Laura Hall from hit TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” And a new album on the way with music that ranges from comedy, creepiness and all heart. Catch them as a duo or with legends Marcia Claire on bass and Amanda Albini on drums. “Once you land on Lady Psychiatrist’s couch, you may never want to leave.” – Lee Zimmerman, Goldmine Magazine




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