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I’ve been thrifting for many years and have come across so many gorgeous vintage finds! Today, I’m giving up my secret top 5. I’ve been to so many in my years of travels that I can’t remember a lot of their names! Which is why most of the stores on this list come from California, my sweet spot. This list holds a special place in my heart. It includes stores with unique finds, that won’t break the bank, but maintain clothing in excellent condition! In order from my most favorite to last:

  1. Threads, Morro Bay, CA: This is my most favorite at all! I’ve literally never walked out of here with something special. In fact, many of the dresses I end up wearing in my @whitherwardontour music video shoots came from here! (The Dragon, Vagabond Road, The Anchor to name a few.) It’s a very small boutique store, so they’re super picky about what they take in. I was actually just there last week, purchasing a Betsey Johnson dress in perfect condition! Morro Bay has quite a few awesome thrift stores (Revolve & Castaways are also great), but this one is by far my favorite.
  2. Act II, La Mesa, CA: This store is doubly great because they have two locations on the same street! If I don’t find what I’m looking for at one, I take a stroll through cute downtown La Mesa and can usually find it at the second. They don’t carry too many older vintage finds, it’s usually more modern brands. But I often walk away with really unique items! They’re super friendly and if you plan on cleaning out your wardrobe, I highly suggest bringing in your items here before you take them to Goodwill. If they keep anything, you’ll get store credit! Just make sure it’s ironed because they won’t take anything wrinkled, even if it’s a top brand.
  3. The Mason Jar, Ramona, CA: This is more of an antique store, but they have a small clothing section that rocked my world! It is vintage through and through and I bought a 1970’s dress that I’m in love with. Plus, a small record section, furniture, home items, and a wrap around patio with all kinds of treasures. If you like antiquing, I highly recommend it.
  4. Buffalo Exchange, ANYWHERE: Okay this could be considered a bit of a cop out because it’s not much of a secret. But I don’t think so! I used to think it was more for modern brands. But I once did an entire photoshoot on the dressing room floor of the Buffalo in Phoenix because I couldn’t just pick one dress. There were many vintage options to choose from. I’m sure it depends on the city, but I tend to pop into one from time to time and have walked away with some amazing finds. (Shoutout to Goodwill, which CAN have a similar outcome. Especially the one in Portland, OR.)
  5. Old Made Good, Nashville, TN: I haven’t been to this store in many years, but it is still thriving and used to be my go-to shop for vintage wear when I lived in Nashville. They have a unique spin on their merchandise. They take older antiques and put some sort of modern twist onto it, which I find very cool. However, you can also find plenty of pristine vintage clothes as good as new. 

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  • Posted 4:16 am March 5, 2021
    By KGallagher Photography

    Oh very nice write up. My favorite is in Mesa AZ, it’s called Sunshine Acres and it helps the children’s home and they always have lots of unique finds. I’ve bought several vintage dresses and other old things there. Many people put in their wills that they’d like their estate items to be donated here which means new old things quite often. Great prices too. I love this place and I bet you will too!

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